Feed and Farm

We farm.  It's what we do because it's who we are.  We enjoy the work, the animals, and the satisfaction of simply being outside.  So no matter what kind of livestock you raise, we want to help you make your farm the best it can be by providing a place for you to gather the info you need to take care of your home on the range.  We are always growing, so please feel free to email us with any questions or additions you would like to see here.

Did you know?

The average cow will only eat about a pound of salt a day.  This is how a salt meal limits the ammount of intake of feed for livestock.  It is a ratio of salt and feed that allows for free choice feeding.


The first 21 days of weaning a calf from its mother is the toughest time to keep weight on a calf.  The stress that the calf goes through makes a good grain necessary to give the calf the upper hand.

Fence Clearing

One of the things that can take the most time on a farm is keeping the fences clear of brush and debri.  Luckily, there are a few different options to get this job done.  Here a few ways to accomplish your goal.